Search does not seem to work in Select Contact Action

I am asked regularly for referrals, but it was a pain to go into contacts and copy and paste each piece of information from the contact into an e-mail message. (Using vCards is not helpful to me because I keep a lot of notes and other information in my contacts database that shouldn’t be shared with others.) So I created a shortcut that collects the important pieces of information that I want from one or more contacts and copies all the information to the clipboard, which I can then paste into my e-mail.

The problem that I have is that the Select Contacts action is fine when you want to select contacts by scrolling the entire list of contacts. However, if you use the search bar to find a contact there is no way to select that contact (the selection buttons disappear) and return to the results list to search for more or go on to the next step.

Is there a way to enable it to “select after a search”?

I recommend using the “Find Contacts” action and Ask Each Time with name contains:

Thank you! I’ll give it a try.

Nice dark-mode screen shot.