Scriptable: Column list to comma separated value

I make lists in Drafts, and apps like Clear can import lists as comma separated value.

Can anyone please help me make a scriptable script to convert column to comma separated value?

I’m still learning Javascript using Grasshopper app…

Is there a reason you wouldn’t just do the conversion from Drafts (which you can also script in JavaScript) itself?

If you were to use Drafts, you could see what this JavaScript does.


The same principle could also be used in Scriptable, but you would be working with a string you passed in rather than the content propertyof a draft object.

Hope that helps.

Yes! That’s what I was looking for. How do I get it into clipboard please?

Just use app.setClipboard() instead of alert.


You should have a look at the reference information on

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Thank you once again. I’ll go read. Learning javascript now at the ripe old age of 44. Grasshopper is a good app for this.

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