Script to set share location

I frequently carpool with a colleague and I usually share my location with him for an hour. I would like to script this with a shortcuts shortcut or a Scriptable script or a Pythonista script.
So basically the script would select a given contact and then activate the ‘share my location for one hour’.
Ideally I would trigger this script from a location trigger set in Launchcenter pro.

My first research hasn’t given any results so I wonder if it is at all possible.

I don’t think that’s possible, although maybe it will be with the improvements in iOS 13?

Is this still not possible? I had the same idea and it seems like the ideal thing to automate

I’ve been using Glympse for, I think, eight or so years to share my location ad hoc with people as it is cross-platform. I’ve never had a need to automate it as I don’t use it for any regular shares, but it looks like it’s URL scheme supports auto sharing of location details with someone.