Scraping data from a web page with a pop up

I was having trouble scraping data from a particular web page just using the Shortcuts action Get Continents of URL. It sometimes was able to render the whole web page but sometimes it would only get the headers and the footers of the page. I then tried to scrape using Scriptable and send the data to Shortcuts. Worked great. Got the data every time. However there is a button on the webpage called “Where To Buy” which brings up a pop up that has more data I would like to scrape but I haven’t been able to get to it. I’ve tried to get the specific URL for the pop up but to no avail. Even on my Mac it doesn’t show the URL. Here is one of the web pages.

Anyone up to the challenge of getting the URL to the “Where To Buy” pop up or know how I could scrape the pop up?