Schedule a text? (Write now, send later)

Just noticed that as it posted… it seems to work atill, but I will try to get it to format better…

Updated the link – initially created the link on macOS and it didn’t seem to like it!

Thank you for your help on this. I thing it gets me to where I need to be.

I’m sorry if this has been mentioned before but I’m getting this error message when using the shortcut

I have sent multiple messages using the Shortcut and have just successfully sent one now to test. I haven’t seen anyone else note this as an issue.

A few questions to see if we can narrow down what is going on…

Are you running the latest versions of iOS, Pushcut and Data Jar? Both on your main device and your Pushcut server.

What time are you selecting the message to be sent at? (Is it multiple minutes into the future? It has to be far enough ahead that it is still in the future when you have finished typing the message and the Pushcut event has been created.

Are you selecting the local time that you want the message to be sent? ie if you want the message to arrive at 10:00hrs recipient time and the time zone is 2 hours behind, still enter 10:00hrs and the time zone offset will be added during the Shortcut.

Has the data been written to Data Jar (an entry for the message and one in the time zone section)?

In the Time Differences entry in Data Jar for your recipient, is the number correctly logged (positive number if their time zone is ahead of you, negative if they are behind your zone and zero if they are in the same time zone)?

Are you getting the same issue every time you run the Shortcut?

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for doing this for me. :slight_smile: I will check each one out.

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I wrote some shortcuts to schedule and send delayed texts like I want, using Data Jar.

This sets up texts to be sent by iMessage or Google Voice. It’s usually to my spouse that I want to send a delayed text (so I don’t risk waking her or so the message gets to her at a time when it’s most relevant), and I send her only iMessages. That’s why it is the way it is. This could be modified to put in other favorite recipients. The advantage of this is that the entire shortcut can be run by voice only, if to a favorite contact like a spouse. I was trying to make it possible to select any contact using voice only, but I’ve gotten stuck. I’d appreciate some advice on using voice input only to select a contact in a shortcut.

Create and Schedule: Shortcuts

Example Send Message shortcut, for iMessage. I have a similar one for Google Voice messages and emails, and all are run from a shortcut that runs all three, which runs on personal automations scheduled several times per day: