Running Siri Shortcuts from Apple Watch

I tried to use the siri shortcut “Resume Overcast” on my Series 2 watch, and it said running your shortcut, followed by a pause and offered Siri Settings helpfully. Nothing played in the end. Is this usual? I know the command is sent to the phone but somehow I didn’t get the expected result.

Anybody tried?

Did you add the resume playback option to Siri either in the Overcast app (the option next to nitpicky details) or in Settings > Siri & Search?

Thanks Rosemary. You hit it square on the head. I’d set up overcast play via the Shortcuts app, rather than the in-app option. Having set “Resume Overcast” to Play, the Siri shortcut works on the phone. But on the watch: “there’s a problem with the app”.

I’ll let it sync overnight and see what happens.