Running scripts on Apple Watch

There are moments I don’t have my phone with me and want to quickly check something, e.g. run the Instagram script I shared with you. Will it be possible to run these scripts from the Apple Watch in the near future?

That’s something I really want to do. I haven’t looked into it yet. I hope to give it a shot after the next Apple Watch is released and I upgrade my generation 0 :grimacing:


I couldn’t be happier! :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

I can tell my watch "Movie sign” and it runs my shortcut I setup to turn on DND, set low power mode, turn the volume down and set the screen brightness all the way down. So as far as I can tell, the watch already supports running shortcuts off the phone.,

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Unfortunately I still don’t have the shortcuts beta, that’s why I was hoping Scriptable could run on its own.

One thing I’m not clear on is where the shortcuts are executed in iOS 12 and WatchOS5.

If I create a Siri shortcut for a phone app and trigger it from my watch will it execute on the phone or does the app have to be on the watch too?

Currently when executing the Workflow App from my watch there are limitations and some steps can only be executed on the phone.

But with Siri shortcuts the integration is at the OS level so things may be more seamless.

Anyone know how this hangs together?

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Basically, Siri does the right thing, whatever that is. The exception, so far, is the homed which will take over a request it can’t fulfill (though there are less of these with iOS 12).