Run URL scheme in the background

Is there a way of running URL actions in the background? I’m trying to play PocketCasts and open Waze with just one shortcut but it’s making me manually go back to the Shortcuts app in order to run the next step.

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Hi @Nkuutz

I also would like to be able to chain the launch of several apps without having manually switch back to Shortcuts for this to work.
My understanding is that neither PocketCasts nor Waze support x-callback-url which would be in my opinion one way to solve this issue.

Has anybody on the forum any idea or alternative (scriptable, pythonista, other) on how to make this work?

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Both Waze and PocketCasts work with url schemes. I’m out so I cannot check the sites but a simple Google search will show you how to use them.

I haven’t had time to play around with the new PocketCasts update, which supports shortcuts. I’ve seen there is one to resume what you were already playing.

I’m sorry I cannot be of more help at the moment (I’m on vacation traveling around Europe) but I will give it a go once I’m back at home. Feel free to contact me though.

I already have shortcuts to:

What I would like now is the ability to chain both PocketCasts and Waze together in one single shortcut (that does not require me to switch back to shortcut) but I did not figure out a way to do this.
Any idea anyone?

@RosemaryOrchard @MacSparky and the rest of the A. team, thank you very much for such a great forum. It is really helpful.

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In that case, I can’t tell right now as I’m not back home until Thursday night.

I was able to have both apps work within the same shortcut but, as you pointed out, it demanded manually switching back to the Shortcuts app.

With the new PocketCasts update you should be able to first run the PocketCasts shortcut and then open Waze with the url scheme without manually switching back to Shortcuts. I’ll share the shortcut once I’m home.

Thanks for the mobile feedback!
I indeed noticed that pocketcasts 7 adds Siri shortcuts among which is the play/resume.
This is exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you the upgrade made my day.

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@ebouchut here you have my commute shortcut. It asks me where I’m heading, resumes the PocketCasts episode I was listening to and opens Waze ready to navigate. Hope its helpful for you.

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