Run Shortcut on iMac Triggered by an Aqara Wireless Mini Switch?


I recently purchased an Aqara wireless mini switch thinking that I could use it to trigger a shortcut on my iMac to play/pause the Music app (my work workspace is across the room from my personal workspace where my iMac sits). I can see the triggering event in the Home app on my iMac, but can’t figure out how to run a simple shortcut that plays/pauses music. The shortcut itself was just a simple one-liner, but I can’t figure out how to connect the triggering event with the shortcut. Any ideas? Thanks!

what have you tried so far? can you send us a screenshot?

maybe the solutions posted in this thread may be of use Run script when temperature is below X degrees

Thank you for pointing me to that link! I was able to set up Signals for iMac to watch for the button push and run the shortcut to play/pause the Apple Music app. It did require an in app purchase to be able to run the automation, but once I did that everything now runs perfectly.


You could use “convert to shortcut” when creating automation and use SSH to trigger shortcut.

yes, I really like it, there is free options as well (like ssh as mentioned by @Alvareiro and other mentioned in the other thread), but I like Signals for HomeKit because it is an elegant and simple solution (and it comes with other benefits)

Thanks, @Alvareiro. Do you have any suggestions for learning how to use SSH to trigger a shortcut? Signals is still working for me, but I wouldn’t mind learning how to use other options. Thanks!