Robot vacuum compatibility with Homekit

In the market for a robot vacuum. Anyone have any experience using Homekit with one of these? I suspect that most of them aren’t even compatible. I’d love to hear about any relevant experiences.

I don’t think HomeKit supports this kind of device at all:

What kind of functionality are you expecting in/from HomeKit?

Right now there’s no direct control via Homekit, but for people using Homekit, I’ve seen many reports online of Homekit/Siri integration via third party connectors, such as IFTTT, Homebridge and

Typically, it seems helpful to be able to initiate cleaning routines within “scenes” such as Away or Good Night or be able to initiate these devices via voice control. I’m just curious what models & brands people have been able to integrate with their Homekit systems and what their experiences have been.

Ah, now I understand why you would want HomeKit integration.

The source code I linked to is (indirectly) used by Homebridge, so that won’t have direct support for vacuum cleaners either. But maybe they can model the cleaner as a switch and only support on/off functionality?