RFID differences

Hey, Y’all!

In a recent episode, Rose mentioned iPhones being able to read RFID tags and she talked briefly about the differences between the iPhone models capabilities. Problem is it didn’t click for me and I can’t figure out the differences.

I googled it and only got product recommendations not facts and capabilities. Can anyone help me out!

Thanks, hive mind!

I remember that too, but I don’t remember which episode it was, and I am not sure exactly what RFID can do.

Maybe @RosemaryOrchard can shed some light on this?

If you google IPhone NFC tags you should get somewhere. Essentially: iPhone 7 and on can read NFC, this year’s iPhones can read them without needing to open a reading application, so you just put your iPhone on a tag, it reads it and asks you to confirm running the action.

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Thank you @RosemaryOrchard

So to do what I’d like to do I need a newer phone, upgrade time!

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