REQUEST: Ring app function

My problem:
In my house I have 2 ring security cameras, one of which is in the living room. When it’s dark and I’m watching tv, it constantly turns the night vision on and off. This makes an audible and very annoying clicking noise.

As of now the ring app does not have a setting or fix to stop this from happening. The only workaround is to set the mode to “AT HOME” or “AWAY” which deactivates the cameras recording and notification features.

My request:
Would it be possible to make a script to automatically switch between these two modes based on location.

If anybody can pull this off, I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you

I don’t know this specific security system, but I will try to help anyway.

One possible solution I can think of is this: You could set up an automation in Shortcuts that runs when you leave home (or return) which then calls the URL scheme of the app to switch between the modes. This of course needs the app to have a URL scheme to switch between the modes. Is something like this mentioned in the app or on their website? If not, you could also write them an email asking about the URL schemes.

If there is no URL scheme available, you could look if there is an open source protocol with which you can talk to the cameras directly. I doubt it, because most security companies don’t open source anything as far as I know. If there isn’t, then I’m afraid that you are out of luck to my knowledge.

In your particular case, especially the automatic location detection, Scriptable can’t be of any help, because the only way to run scripts in the background is with Shortcuts.