Remove (selected) photos?

Let’s say I want to get my last 10 screenshots and select 5 them to delete.
Can I achieve that?

Looked at the documentation, but the photos api only seems to allow to delete the last images in the camera roll, but not based on a selection.

Use a select photos action, pick just the ones to delete, and then use a Delete Photos action. It’ll ask you to confirm it.

Would you be kind enough to name the correct “Delete Photos” action & how to use it?
all I see is removeLatestScreenshot(s) and removeLatestPhoto(s) and the documentation doesn’t show anything relevant for the term “delete” or “photo”.

@brentacPrime was speaking of the Shortcuts app. But there is indeed no API to delete specific photos…

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Oops, got mixed up on the part of the site I was in. My mistake. I was indeed thinking shortcuts.