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Does anyone know if this is possible?? I want to run a shortcut when I get to work. I would was thinking of using launch center pro or reminders. But I want to run it when I get to work the first time. I don’t want to run it again if I go out for lunch then come back. I also work shift work so I don’t go there everyday, just want to run it on days I’m at work. I understand it won’t run automatically but I like how it will pop up and I can tap to run it.

Looking for some help or any suggestions.

In LCP you can set trigger periods and suppression durations alongside your physical location trigger (geofence/iBeacon).

Just set the parameters accordingly. E.g. only trigger once every 18 hours.


I have two different shortcuts, one when arriving at work and one when arriving at home. I put different addresses in each one but for some reason I can’t get the work address to stay, any suggestions?

Can you describe how it is not staying? Presumably you mean within LCP to prompt-trigger a custom shortcut rather than within your shortcuts.


  • Is the location entry disappearing from LCP’S places list?
  • Does the place entry remain but the geofencing is resetting?
  • Is the LCP action losing it’s association with the specified place?

Also, maybe a few questions to try and narrow things down further.

  1. What happens if you create a third place?
  2. Is there any geofence overlap between the work and home locations?
  3. What happens if you associate a new place with your troublesome action/shortcut?
  4. What happens if you associate the troublesome place with a new action/shortcut?

@sylumer I have to be doing something wrong. Like I said I have 2 separate shortcuts home and at work. But the address for home shows up as my work address , no matter how many time I change my the work shortcut to my work address. Am I entering the addresses wrong? My home and work are 30 mins apart so I don’t think that’s a problem.

Parking is my home shortcut. At work is my at work shortcut.

It seems that your issue has now switched from “not being able to get the work address to stay” to “the address for home shows as my work address”. However the screenshots don’t conclusively show either is the case, nor do they cover any of my previous points and questions.

From the screenshots what I can see is that you have two actions, each set to use a location called “Work” and that this location is somewhere in the vicinity of Long Island.

Can you share a screenshot of your places list?

LCP > Settings > Places

Note that there are two places available in this list; the fact that they use different location criteria is irrelevant here. I would expect you to have two places in this list as well.

Assuming you do, share a screenshot of what your home LCP action’s location settings screen looks like.


Please note, by providing this information you are filling in gaps in what you are describing to us. If you miss them out, then those gaps don’t get filled and we’re left still guessing at what is going on.

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@sylumer I put another address in to test it and it didn’t work. I think I’m putting the addresses in the wrong spot. I didn’t know about settings then places till you mentioned it.

The one picture where it says work is actually the home action.

The test one was a different address I was trying to see if it works and it didn’t.

Well you seem to be at least one step further on then.

That action is set to trigger at both locations at any time and suppress for one second. Therefore any issues are now likely to be due to your setting of the location.

From Places you should be able to add a new location, then tap location, zoom in on the map to set the geofence location you want to use, enter a name, and then done; you have a new entry on your list.


Anything beyond that and you really are going to have to provide some precise details about the nature of the issue you are facing.

Technically there are many ways in which these things will fail, and in order to pin it down takes as much detail as possible. I’m assuming in this case that it didn’t trigger even after leaving the desired area and returning to it. Regardless, I’m hopeful the above example will set you on the right track for specifying your locations correctly.

Once your locations are set, you then just assign them to your actions with the appropriate timing entry/exit and timing parameters.

@sylumer thanks for all your help. I figured out that I wasn’t putting the addresses into the location part of the app. I kept putting it into the shortcut but then I would put a new address in and that would cancel the old address out. Not sure if that makes sense, but once I put everything into the location on the app now it’s all working perfectly, thanks. But now I’m still trying to figure out if LCP is worth it or not.

:sunglasses: Glad you got it figured out.

In case it helps you get things figured out, my response linked below seems to have helped at least a few people figure out the worth; or not.

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