Releasing KeyValueDB 1.0

Hey fellow automators, I’ve been doing more and more with Scriptable. In doing so, I found the need to use a Key-Value Database several times. Today I decided I’d create a general-use version that anyone can use.

Introducing, KeyValueDB:


In order to use KeyValueDB, download the script and put it in your Scriptable folder.


  • Local storage only currently
  • Uses JSON internally to store data


Import the file

var KeyValueDB = importModule('KeyValueDB');
var db = new KeyValueDB('YourProjectName');

Get a value by key

var val = db.getValue(key)

Set a value by key

db.setValue(key, value)

Append a value to an array with the specified key

db.append(key, pushedValue)

Get everything

var object = db.getAll()