Recommended tools to study an API on macOS?

Which tools do you recommend to study an API on macOS?

I currently use:

I wish Jayson, a JSON viewer for iOS, was available on macOS as well… (Hope @simonbs can benefit from “Catalyst”)

There’s Postman, but I prefer native Apps above Electron Apps…

I should definitely learn more about jq, a command-line JSON processor…

What else should I try?

Charles if you want to intercept network requests. It’s available on both macOS and iOS.

I’m certainly hoping to make Jayson available on macOS. Here’s a preview:

Learning jq is a good idea. It’s very powerful and one day I hope to find a way to support it in Jayson. Most of the technical details are in place but I need to find a way to make it feel good on iOS. Here’s a proof of concept:

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