Received Email with PDF -add date and project name to PDF name then file in folder in dropbox

I am just not getting it. I receive an email with a PDF and I want to add a date and a project name to the PDF file name- then file it away for reference. so it would look like 5-24-20-Smith project-123455pc.pdf then off it goes to dropbox to grow cobwebs. I know it must be silly simple

  • Are you using the share sheet to share the PDF from your mail client app?
  • Are you using Set Name?
  • Are you saving the result of Set Name rather than the original file?

It helps to diagnose Shortcuts issues if we can download a copy of the shortcut, and you can describe the process of how you are initiating it.

I think we would need a bit more to solve this issue (not even sure what the issue is?)

I receive an email with a PDF attachment I need to save the PDF with the PDF identification number of the sender. I need to add the project name from me and the date I received it send it to file storage for later how would I make a short cut to do this simply

Here’s an approach you could try.

  • Use the share sheet.
    • When you select the attachment, pretty much every email app will give you this option via a context menu and/or preview.
  • Use ask for Input to get your project name, and another one for the date.
    • I’m assuming you don’t always want current date on this, otherwise you could further automate that step by using a current date variable in the next step.
  • Use a text action to combine the resulting (magic) variables in your preferred format to create the file name.
  • use set name on the Shortcut input to rename the file.
  • Save the resulting file to your desired destination in Dropbox using the save file action.

Let us know how you get on, and if you get stuck, share what you have at that point and the issue.

I receive a file I want to retain the file name but add my info to it. file reference number given by others add my name to string plus date then file to drop box. what action do I need to do to copy the original file name?

Reference the name attribute of the Shortcut input as a file.