Question on How People create complex shortcuts

Just a couple of quick questions:

First - when I’m creating complex shortcuts, its nice to be able to see sample code from other shortcuts (I’m using Toolbox Pro currently and am trying to create more advanced menus.) Am I correct that Shortcuts can’t be split screen? So currently I’m using my phone to view the sample code, and my iPad to create my shortcut.

Then I ran into a question about SF Symbols. Is there any application to view them on the iPad similar to the Mac app? I love the ability to use them in Shortcut Menus, but I don’t know the appropriate titles.

This means I need 3 screens to write a complex shortcut, my iPhone for sample code, my iPad for my workspace, and my Mac for SF Symbols. Am I missing a way to simplify that setup? (I work on shortcuts while flying (coach) a lot so space is at a premium.)

Thanks for any guidance.

Yes, in that you can’t have multiple instances together, but no in that you can have it in split view.

But as a limited alternative, you could also take screenshots (stitching with an app like PicSew if you like), and then view the screenshots in split view with Shortcuts.

Try SF Symbols Browser.

Thank you very much. SF Symbols Browser does work better on the phone than the iPad (at least for me.) FWIW - It only came up in the search for me on the iPad if I included the entire name. On the iPhone it came up as a choice with only the first few letters. Its an iPhone app that does the scaling thing in portrait on an iPad. But it definitely is exactly what I needed.

PicSew also helps. I appreciate the ideas.

I’m old, and now have a long career outside tech and development, but we used to call this type of system a kludge… Hopefully Apple will improve this in the future!

Again - thanks very much.

Kludges, bodges and workarounds live on and will forever be commonplace as intermediate (or semi-permanent) solutions. But no matter how much power and versatility our devices deliver we’ll always find a need to do something more, and so the repeat loop of innovation continues…

I recommend Adaptivity for browsing SFSymbols on iOS

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Thank you! Just downloaded it. Looks great!