Pushcut: anyone using this?

Has anyone else seen/ used this?


apologies if someone else has posted this already.

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If you do a search on the forum you’ll find a couple of posts by the author.

In one I asked how it was better than a few other options which broadly seemed to provide similar functionality, but got a feature list, which I’d already got from the site and app listing. No reasons given yet over why it should win out over other options.

The one rating of one star on the app store looks a little harsh though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No traction yet.

I just heard about this and the only thing I can see why it’s useful is for things like Zapier triggering Shortcuts instead of time-based or location-based triggers in Launch Center Pro.

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Hi, I am the guy who made it ; )

and I just posted a topic about Pushcut in the iOS section.

I suggest we drive discussion there - I am super interested in what you think about it or what you would like to see added!

hi sylumer, it seems I have not been able to convince you yet ; )

to be honest, I also feel that I have not yet found a concise pitch for it. I struggle as it is such a versatile tool that can be connected up in so many different ways.

However, I believe the combination of multiple notification actions with virtually any kind of smart trigger is - as far as I know - not really possible with other means in iOS at the moment.

I’m definitely open to convincing. I downloaded the app, but not had the time to devote to taking a deeper look at it … yet. At this point I guess I just haven’t had the eureka moment as to what it would do for me that my existing integrations with Pushover and my multi-launch options within Shortcuts itself, and LCP.


ok, so, one thing I can think of in this case that might open up new possibilities for you:

with the Pushcut JSON API you can dynamically set shortcut inputs or custom URLs for each action (even customized action lists) - so, if the use case calls for it, you can have your trigger logic generate more adjusted and more meaningful actions.

you can fling stuff like this at it:

  "defaultAction": {"input": "/myFolder"},
  "actions": [{"name": "Add reminder", "shortcut": "Add Reminder", "input": "My new reminder"},
              {"name": "Open website", "url": "https://www.pushcut.io", "keepNotification": true}]
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I’ve downloaded it but have yet to play with it.

I’d like to see some users’ use cases before I’d be prepared to subscribe. I can’t tell if the subscription pricing is fair or not until I see more real world examples.

I also wonder if it’s something I can play with offline: Most of my “app play time” is at 35,000 feet.

So, for example, if something (Scriptable or Shortcuts or Drafts?) can make a notification that Pushcut can capture I’d be able to develop stuff on a plane.

Downloaded a couple days ago. Played with it a little bit, but no serious use yet.