Project Folder Creation Automation

I’m pretty new to automation and am trying to learn through projects that scratch an itch.

How and where would I begin if I want to create an automation that does the following

  1. Ask for a project name
  2. Refer to a list of existing project codes in a txt/md file(currently this file is in Obsidian)
  3. Increments the project number by 1
  4. Creates folders within Dropbox, OmniFocus, DEVONthink, Obsidian, Mail using the project name
  5. Creates links between all of them

I know Joe Buhlig had something like this but it was all AppleScript and too difficult for me to break down and build back up.

My questions are:

  1. What would be the ideal tool to create this with - Shortcuts, AppleScript, KM, DataJar or a combination thereof?
  2. Where and how do I get started to break apart this problem into smaller steps that I can learn to code with?
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I sought help for exactly this in the Devonthink forum and had some great help (especially from DTLow). I used the script in this link, as well as keyboard maestro, better touch tool and shortcuts, to:

  1. Create a project number (script in link) in Numbers doc in Devonthink
  2. add client name, contact, description, etc. in Devonthink
  3. Create folders in Devonthink 3 (script in link)
  4. Create project folders in the finder.(script in link)
  5. Create a project in Timing (shortcuts).
  6. Create a new entry with the project name in reminders (shortcuts).

(This has easily saved me 15 minutes every project.) There may be something in the original script to get you going. I hope it’s appropriate to link to the Devonthink forum … Devonthink forum link. Hope this helps.

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