Problems with Find Emojis

The Find Emojis containing action doesn’t work for me. Get a lot of “can not communicate with app” warnings. Here is the shortcut.

Try this minor variation. It seems to fix it for me.

Did you mean to put “repeat item” in the text box?

I thought I had :persevere:, but I see I put Repeat Index which means it isn’t matching the list. Putting the item in there as I thought I had done originally still gives the same error as before on the first iteration.

Apologies, it makes no difference.

Yep that’s what I get. Must be a bug. Thanks for trying though.

Sorry about this - I think the API I was using may have changed as this should work.

I’m on holiday at the moment but when I get back I’m going to build a local custom solution.

Great. Thanks for the heads up.