'Pro Tier' Support of the Podcast

Yesterday I spotted the following Tweet from @Martin_Packer.

Why did I think there was a Pro tier for @automatorsfm ?

Possibly wishful thinking. :slight_smile:

There is an option to support the podcast through Relay.fm membership, but there are no extra Automators specific extras, whereas there are for several of the other podcasts. Presumably the podcast specific bonuses are governed by podcast audience size, host availability to create more content, etc.

I guess there is also the option to support @MacSparky and @RosemaryOrchard through other avenues such as purchasing their courses and books.

But, I did think Martin’s nod towards support of the podcast was an interesting question. I began to wonder, what the community might expect from a “pro tier” of support for the podcast?

I’m guessing most people would be thinking of a members only episode or something, but how would it differ from a regular episode? Is there somethings else that people might (reasonably) like or expect to get?

Thanks for this @sylumer!

I would say “go deeper”. An audience that goes Pro probably has enough of a background.

Overlapping, perhaps, pull from this very FORUM a topic or two.

(Yes, I also wondered what a Pro would look like.)

The Automators bonus content died after Episode 14. Deeper video tutorials on the show’s content would be worth a subscription.


The question is… what would the “pro” version of Automators be called? :thinking:

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Ha ha, if you are on about an additional episodes name, there are so many options.

  • Automators++
  • Moretomators
  • Automators Level Up
  • Call the Automators
  • Automated
  • Automaters(2)
  • return Automators
  • //Automators
  • #!Automators
  • Automaton
  • Return of the Automators
  • Automators 2.0
  • Automatic
  • Attack of the Autonators
  • …etc.