Presenting Showcuts - a web viewer for Shortcuts

If you browse for on desktop, you may sometimes find great Shortcuts – but you can’t tell what they’re doing. Showcuts aims to solve that:

Copy the iCloud link, and Showcuts will allow anyone to see exactly what makes it tick. You can also copy the permalink (which mirrors the iCloud link) to share with Reddit / forums directly.

You can also see how Magic Variables are passed around.

The Workflow team packed Shortcuts full of features, so it will be a while before this is complete.

This is sitting on my computer for now, but I hope to get it online soon. Would anyone be interested in using Showcuts? Would you use it to check Shortcuts out, or to post them for others? And do you have any suggestions for features? Any feedback greatly appreciated!

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Looks interesting.

I’d potentially be interested if I could embed the viewer on my own web site. It would be easier than compiling screenshots each time for a shortcut, but as far as possible I prefer not to be dependent on other services that may just disappear without notice.

So this is not available yet for public consumption?

For iOS 12 there was this, and it was complete enough to be useful:

You can see it working here:

Although it hasn’t been updated for iOS 13 (yet, I hope) I use it with a Greasemonkey script to have a “Preview” button when I open an iCloud link in my desktop browser:

Making it available for embeds is a great idea! I’ll need to look into the security issues / server costs, but I’ll add it to my roadmap.

With regards to it disappearing, I would like to break even on server costs, but don’t have any ideas for monetization yet. I’ll keep working on it!

I’m hoping to get it up on Digital Ocean soon, but it is not yet out of development, no

I knew I couldn’t be the first person to this, thanks so much for pointing this out!

Cool idea with the script! I plan for showcuts to be a more user friendly version, and of course to be iOS13 compatible