Possible to allow recursive imports

I made a module system which allows me to run one script to pick which other script I want to run as a test for file system storage and modularity but I can’t bypass the recursive import error and I’m wondering if this is a feature that it able to be turned off? @simonbs

Hi and sorry for the late reply. I’m not totally sure I understand. As far as I understand, the error you’re referring to is the one thrown when module A imports module B which in turn imports module A. This is not really supported and ends up in a recursive import that would never be resolved.

Can you share the script you’re trying to get working?

Its actually like this

// module 1
//module 2
// module 3

The reason why this does this is because I made a dumb project that simulated the rootViewController of scriptable to select some code to run. I was just wondering if you could attach the recursive import as another process and move it to the next one on a recurse instead of trying to string all of them together as one. BTW any reply is for the most part a good one :]

I’m afraid this isn’t supported and probably won’t be. It’s probably not the answer you were hoping to get but I suggest reworking your setup to avoid the recursive import :blush:

Ok I see, BTW just an odd question but what language are you using for scriptible and scriptibles UI?
Obj-c for backend and swiftUI for the UI? Or swift and swiftUI? Or view controllers and obj-c? LOL just trying to see your point of view