Podcast episode notes automations

Hello podcast producers! What is the best way to compose notes for episode?

Now i copy two columns from Google Sheets, paste them to Drafts, then manualy add brackets for text [] and links (), then Drafts— Actions—Copy as HTML and paste html to Anchor.fm web interface.

It feels like there is better ways to work with episode notes. Could you please give some advice?

Thank you!

At the very least you could automate a little of this in Google Sheets: if you keep the link URL and link text in different columns, you can then use a third column to combine them, like so: =“[“&A2&”](“&B2&”)” (where A2 is the link text and B2 is the URL as text). That would turn all the links into Markdown style links. Then you can put that into your show notes.


that’s it, thank you!