Play Music shortcuts fail at random

Just curious if I’m doing something to cause this.

I have a variety of music playlist shortcuts. A simple one, for instance, chooses a random playlist from a selection and plays it.

Thing is, sometimes these shortcuts just don’t work. Nothing will happen, or they will resume playing whatever was paused.

They’re so simple that I’m convinced there’s a bug somewhere. Has anyone had similar trouble?

Haven’t done it recently in iOS 13, but I had this issue in iOS 12. In my case, I was running the shortcut from the widget and it would crash. I added a step to run the shortcut in the shortcuts app itself which cleared the issues. In my case, it sounds like an issue with RAM allocated to the widget which my workaround solved.

Is this a similar situation for you?

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Ah, I think I usually run these from the widget. I’ll try that Continue in Shortcuts step.

Although I do know it failed yesterday after I opened Shortcuts to see what was going on. A half-hour later, the exact same shortcut worked fine.

Baffled by this issue. Continue in Shortcuts didn’t work. The shortcut just kept resuming playback rather than changing playlists. So, I quit Shortcuts and Music, and then it worked.

Damned computers.

Can you share the shortcut? Might be easier for others to take a look.

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But it sounds like quitting Shortcuts fixed it. Not sure there’s anything to investigate there is there?

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@sylumer I’ve had this issue for ages—pretty sure I’ve force-quit Shortcuts/Music before only to have it come back.

@motopascyyy Sure! I’ve seen it fail on every “Play Playlist” action I can think of, though, so this Shortcut isn’t particularly exemplary.

If you like electronic music/Deadmau5, you might like the Shortcut anyway. It randomly selects one of the 12 episodes of the Mau5trap radio show playlists and starts it at the beginning. (I assume a shared Shortcut preserves the chosen playlist in “Play Playlist,” but I did select these from my library, so it’s possible each Play Playlist will just turn out blank.