Plan my week-shortcut for OmniFocus

I’ve made a shortcut that scans my calendar for non-all-day events (more specifically events shorter than 5 hours) and lets you choose them. All chosen events will be added to a specific project and given a specific tag at 3 PM the day before the item is shown on the calendar.

I use this to make sure that I’ve prepared for every calendar event no later than 3 PM the day before.

The project and tag should probably be changed for your purposes - and depending on your typical calendar, you may want to change the hour-limit (or remove it completely to include all-day events in the selector).

Here is the shortcut.

I hope someone finds it useful.


Very interesting. I found that the default due time of 15:00 was being interpreted as noon for I changed from 24 hr to meridian time. Also needed to load my own project name and tags, and limit the scope to fewer calendars. Otherwise, this is a great concept. Thank you :clap::clap:

Great work! I added it to the gallery.

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Yes, it seems like it takes fairly little to break things :slight_smile:

I wrote it on my iPad set to English. When I ran it on my iPhone set to Danish, it didn’t work. I could see that it was related to how the date is output and there are minor variations resulting in the regular expression not snipping away the proper amount of characters. I could probably get around it with a different time format, but since it’s working for now, I’ll leave it be. Just be aware that it takes very little to break things when adjusting date formats. Throw in a preview before and after the text manipulation to see what is up, if things aren’t working as expected. It should be a one time fix.

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