Picker-style interface?

Just starting to dip my toes into Scriptable, and so far I’m really liking it. Right now I’m doing some initial experimentations calling out to Scriptable from Workflow.app for tasks that Workflow can’t easily handle, and while I still have a bit of work to do, it’s working well so far. (Still on Workflow, since I’m only in the public beta channel for now :slight_smile:)

One thing I wanted to double-check - there isn’t currently a way to have a picker interface ala Workflow’s “Choose from List”, right? Looking through the documentation the most I saw for input were the text field inputs on alert, but I wasn’t sure if I missed something. If not, any plans to add one?

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There’s not currently a way to show a picker similar to Workflow’s “Choose from List”. It’s a good idea, so I’ll add it to my backlog. The closest you’ll get right now is using the Alert API and presenting the alert as a sheet. It’s not perfect but depending on your use case it may be an alright workaround for now.


Gotcha, no worries. I’ll just shell out to Scriptable from Workflow for now with callback URLs, it’s still really nice to have Scriptable be able to do heavy lifting that I find tedious or would be impossible in Workflow :slight_smile:

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