Photo that is horizontal



I want to crate siri shortcut that do the folowing comand automtic
Take the last photo that is horizontal
Than take the text from the clipboard it will max 2 small word with space between tham
Than crate new photo the text implant on the photo
In the middle of the photo
In the bottom of the photo
The text shold be one line


By “horizontal” I assume you mean “landscape”. (Yes I know English is not your first language and I don’t mean to tease based on that.)

If so then you want the dimensions of the photo and check if it’s wider than it is tall. Somehow you have to loop through your photos and apply the test to each.


So this is possible?
To make such a shortcuts?

I will appreciate if you will help me


You don’t neet to check if it landscape
Because all the photo will be in landscape
We just need to implant the text in the middle and in the the bottom of the photo


Maybe just give it a try yourself and flag up if/where you get stuck? You have your algorithm set out, just try and follow it step by step.


That was my intent in clarifying his ask.

Even in my first language sometimes I find getting the terminology is necessary but difficult.


I dont know how to do this

Can you help me


What is it you don’t know how to do?

  1. Share what you have done so far?
  2. Search for photos?
  3. Filter photos by width/height, to determine orientation?
  4. Overlay text on an image?
  5. Something else?

I’m sure we can provide more help, we just need to understand how far you have got with what has been suggested so far.

For example, if #2 or #4 were the underlying issue, then we can certainly show you how, but it might be more useful first for you to get a better overall familiarity with Shortcuts as these are just single actions in the app. In such a case we might be able to point you to some other resources to help.

If it is #1, or #3, we could could give you some examples and steps to follow, but again for #1, other online resources might be a better starting point for you.

If it is # 5, then we’d need some specifics.



I need that the text will be in bigger font and that text will be in green
And that the white frame will be deleted and the only text will stay


See if this shortcut gets you closer to what you want. I’ve added lots of comments in to explain what it is doing at each stage as there are many more steps than in your original one.

The shortcut lets you select an image, specify some text (defaulting to your supplied text), generates an overlay image of the text you want (in your desired colour), overlays it on the original image, allows you to tweak the overlay (size, position, orientation), and then saves it to the camera roll.

Let us know if that’s along the right lines and what you might still be missing, if anything.