PDF Readers with Shortcuts

Just a quick question. Does anyone know of a PDF reader iOS app that has good integration with Shortcuts?

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I guess one doesn’t exist yet.

You haven’t actually suggested what you need it to do. What would a "good " integration actually be?

For example the Shortcuts’ Quick Look action is pretty capable in working with PDF in its own right, and Shortcuts also gives you access to markup tools to boot. Shortcuts (as part of the OS) could be a perfect option for what you want if the criteria is purely the level of integration.

It really depends upon what you are looking for exactly.

I’d love to be able to search for a particular string in a given file, like this (the date math is easy to replicate, just looking for the app that can do the search)

Searching. I want to search a pdf.

But really any PDF program that has Shortcut actions.