PCalc and Shortcuts

PCalc is getting a lot of new Shortcuts capability with iOS 13 but I’m at a loss as to how to make the best use of them.

Does anyone else think an episode dedicated to episode of Automators all focused on PCalc automations would be cool?

There are going to be *lots* of apps offering *lots* of Shortcuts options. There are some apps that will just offer Shortcuts options; and lots of them.

I’m a fully paid up user and have been for many years, but what is it specifically about PCalc Shortcuts options that you think would drive/fill an entire show?

I’m wondering if maybe it might make more sense to look at automated calculations as a whole perhaps? Though there’s a chance that even that could be considered a bit niche. :nerd_face:

Maybe so. Basically dealing with numbers is something we all have to do and since PCalc is such a favourite of the nerd crowd I started my thought there.

Automating numbers be it calculating time or budgets or tax or whatever feels like a satisfyingly tricky one to explore. Especially useful for anyone who deals with expenses, invoices, and such.

PCalc does a lot of conversions, that seems like an ideal use for automation.

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Yeah, I agree. We could probably use them within various shortcuts whenever numbers come up. I just don’t currently know how. :slight_smile: