Parse two fields from single line json data

I have a very simple json data file I’m reading from a url.
That bit works no problem when I run the code below in scriptable.
Here is the result.


I’m trying to extract the SOC value and the TIME value into variables so I can display them in a widget but I can’t figure out how to do it in scriptable.
I have a little Hello World app working so it’s just the extraction bit I’m stuck on.
The data comes from my Raspberry Pi so I hope I have the json format correct. It will only ever be a single row of data.

let url = ""
if (url != null) {
  // We have a URL so we attempt to load the JSON.
  let r = new Request(url)
  let json = await r.loadJSON()
  var myArray = JSON.stringify(json)
  await QuickLook.present(myArray)
  for (var soc of myArray)
    await QuickLook.present(soc.SOC)

} else {
  // We didn't get a valid input.
  let alert = new Alert()
  alert.title = "No valid input"
  alert.message = "There was no URL or text argument provided."
  await alert.present()

let json = await r.loadJSON()

they are already accessible after this line. if you to show SOC then say

await QuickLook.present(json.SOC)


await QuickLook.present(json.TIME)

I knew I was missing something simple.
Or I was making it harder than it needed to be.
Thanks for taking the time to reply!