Overcast Search Using Shortcuts?

Hi, I’d like to create a shortcut that would allow me to enter text, either by typing it or speaking it, and then run a search in Overcast for a matching podcast. Essentially, I’m trying to avoid having to go to Overcast, get to the right screen, then type my search. So, If I read about a great podcast, but it doesn’t have an Overcast link, I can quickly run a search in Overcast and then add the episode or subscribe to the podcast. Any help would be appreciated!

Unfortunately it’s not supported yet. I’m not sure if Marco is looking to revamp his shortcuts support or not but as of right now, everything is still based on iOS 12 Shortcuts which didn’t support any form of text based input unless you used some weird URL schemes (others can explain it better than I can). In iOS 13, there are APIs which allow shortcuts to accept input but we need to see what happens on the adoption front and if developers take advantage of this.

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Here’s one that you could use for a subscription.



That’s awesome. Thanks so much!