Open Twitter List - Ep 6

So I listened to the episode and grabbed the workflow but it didn’t work for me so I started debugging it to find out what was going on. For starters my twitter username never flowed through to the final url so I copied the workflow and deleted the dictionary and simply hard coded my username in the workflow. I also deleted the find/replace sections as I’ve named my lists with hyphens already in the name and don’t have any need for it.

The end result is the list I select from the menu opens every time I use the workflow however, I have multiple twitter accounts (offical twitter client) and sure I get the list but it doesn’t open in the account that created the list meaning I can’t RT or reply to anyone unless I don’t care about replying from the wrong account.

Given that the username is hard coded and not having an effect on which account is opened (tested by force closing twitter before running the workflow) I don’t know what to do.

Here is the original workflow:
My updated workflow with hardcoded username and find/replace removed

Any suggestions on how I could force twitter to switch to the correct account?

There was an error in the show notes and we linked the wrong version of the Shortcut, a new version is here, that might fix it!

Thanks Rosemary, I deleted the one I downloaded previously and downloaded the one you linked. It still has the same issue with the username not flowing through to the URL see below.

twitter://list?screen_name=&slug=mobile-apps (mobile-apps being the name of my list)

That’s using the workflow as is only adding my username and list names.

It’s not an issue for me as I’ll just hard code it again but I wanted to pass the feedback along.

The only list I’ve seen for URLS for the Twitter client is on Stack Exchange.











I’ve never seen any action or parameter to have the app itself switch user, only reference user information via the Twitter web service.

Whilst not by any means definitive, I think it is unlikely that there is currently a way to have the app switch the local user account.

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Hey Sylumer, thanks for finding that. Shame Twitter isn’t on top of that but it’s still awesome they’ve embraced url schemes at all so we shouldn’t complain too much. Maybe I’ll reach out to Twitter support and suggest they add account switching.