OneNote and Drafts

Hi all,
I find that exporting to OneNote is incredibly slow from Drafts, taking up to 10 seconds to complete.
Has anyone else experienced this? How did you resolve it?
I’d be happy using a URL scheme rather than the integration if that’s possible?

There’s an open suggestion for Microsoft to create a URL scheme.

You could try using the share sheet and see if that’s any faster, but it’s probably a more manual option.

In terms of speed of Drafts to OneNote:

  1. Can you share the specific action you are using?
  2. Does the speed change on different networks?

Here is the action:

It’s always very slow. I’m usually doing this at work, which has a very fast internet connection.

If I send a single word to OneNote from Drafts, it takes 8 seconds!

I’ve tried disabling to Omnifocus step, but it doesn’t help.

On my work phone (iPhone 7) where I have O365 access, on an ~10Mb up connection, I get a 5-6 second time to post the draft from the set of tests I just ran.

Yep, crazy right!

Whilst I could move away from OneNote, it integrates very well with O365 and I’m on Windows in work, so it seems I’m going to have to live with this for the time being.