OmniFocus to Due

I had switched to iOS reminders app with recent upgrade but recently got frustrated with lack of features and am switching back to omnifocus.

I use my task mangers to keep up with working list of task but rarely set actual due dates. When I have something that needs a specific due date that I cant miss I use the App Due bc it harasses me until I get it done.

Hoping to create a shortcut that I was planning to trigger with my morning alarm to search omnifocus or task that have a due date for that day and automatically create a reminder in the Due App to bug me to get it done. I attached my attempt bellow which seems to me like it should work but in my test seems to miss tasks. Any help would be appreciated

I think you need a Repeat With Each Loop to process the Items one at a time and add them as separate reminders to Due

As it stands it looks like the Add to Due action will add everything as a single reminder.

Thanks that certainly makes sense and I will incorporate. However in my testing I only had one due item, and the shortcut wasn’t finding it for some reason

I think you may need to tweak the date logic.

It looks like you’re searching for tasks that are due after this time tomorrow.

I’d use a Date action with specified date of Tomorrow 00:00 and then search for OmniFocus tasks due before that date.