Omnifocus: Is it possible to have a Monthly repeating task restricted to Weekdays?

I am in charge of Payroll for my employer. For Our setup Payroll is ran on the 15th and 30th of each month, unless one of those days fall on a weekend, if they do fall on a weekend, it is ran on the Friday before. I would like to set up a repeating project in Omnifocus for this, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to implement this in OmniFocus. I can repeat a project for a certain weekday in every month (1st, 2nd,3rd, last, ect.) but I can’t do the 30th with a check on whether or not it’s the last weekday. Am I out of the scope of OmniFocus in this? I can probably figure something out with shortcuts or automator, but I’d really like to implement the native Omnifocus repeat functionality if possible just for stability’s sake.

I feel like it’s not possible, but I haven’t done a super committed dive into the new repeat patterns in OF3.

Perhaps a combination of Deferred and Due dates - deferred until 28th of the month and due on 30th. The 28th would be the earlieat run date, if the 30th is on a Sunday. You could also add a “before due” notification of 2 days to get a reminder on 28th. The repeat would then just be monthly on the Assigned Date (or 30th). Not very elegant, but it would work.

I only use iOS, so I don’t know if there are any other options on the Mac version of OF3.

As you noted, another option is to create a Shortcut that submits a new task and run it each month.

You could also build a shortcut that would populate your OmniFocus with a year (or as many years’ worth) of entries as you wanted in one go. Run it once and add (non-repearing) entries with due dates for the next 20 years…!

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Does the last weekday of the month, deferred to two days before that not work for you? Naturally the last weekday of the month could be the 31st, but with a defer date two days before and an alert on the defer date you should be fine :slight_smile:

For the 15th I would defer until the 10th - this allows for long holiday weekends, if your country has those.

I imagine that might work. I was hoping to keep it due on the hard due date because I have several time sensitive tasks before that day. Really the only thing I do on the actual day is make sure all the direct deposits hit the bank. The work is really done 2 days before the day in question.

Honestly what you suggest will probably work. But I’d like to be a bit more granular on dates since I’m dealing with peoples paychecks (probably overkill I’m just extra paranoid about this part of my job.) I’m considering playing around with creating a calendar workflow in Automator to apply the template and do Date math and just manually declaring the 24 dates a year I need to run payroll

Tony, I saw your reply after I replied to rosemary. I just might to a shortcut that’s meant to be ran once a year that will do the templates for each payroll day. I think I’d rather do that with shortcuts since I’m comfortable working with it than with Automator.

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@Chadlenberg After posting my reply, I started having a little play around with a Shortcut. This will ask you how many months you want to generate OF3 tasks for, starting with this month. I have only set it up for the 30th of the month and, as @RosemaryOrchard pointed out, it does not cater for holidays on any particular date.

This sample will create an OF3 task in the inbox for each month. Hope this helps.