Omnifocus Auto project create

What is the best way to automate creating a project with no due date in OF3? I have some tasks that are subtasks, but this project should not have a due date, it just needs to be recreated once the current one is completed. I’m looking at getting a copy of Drafts, but not sure if that can do subtasks, or grouping of tasks. The project is long with about 130 tasks and sub task, groups, but it NEVER changes. IT is always the same tasks.

I currently put a copy in a Templates folder and make a copy to use. But I have accidentally use the template before. I can do this on a MAC, or IOS since OF is on all three of my devices.

If you copy it as TaskPaper you can put it in a Draft, or a shortcut, and add it to OmniFocus whenever you please. However it may be simpler to repeat on completion based on a defer date.

Will Drafts allow you to create a group of tasks, or indented tasks?

Yup, you can create projects with the full hierarchy available in OmniFocus. Try copying a project in OmniFocus and pasting it in Drafts.

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