OC Meetup - Looking forward and request

Hey fellow CA Automator’s. I’m really looking forward to being able to meet in OC.

I’d love to +1 the idea of Saturday over Friday, if it has not been locked down. I’ll be coming from Los Angeles, and I couldn’t leave work in the San Fernando valley on Friday until about 6pm.

But either way, I’ll be there.

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I just got the email about the OC meetup – looking forward to it! But I have a question – the message says the address is “705 Spectrum Center”. Spectrum Center is a huge mall with dozens of restaurants. Google says that specific address is TLT Food, is that where the meetup actually is? Would hate to wander around for an hour looking for everyone :running_man:

Where did you find this listed? (Spent a solid two hours yesterday and today at the AT&T store at the Spectrum before they figured out they couldn’t help me and sent me to corporate store at Woodbury :roll_eyes:)

If you mean where did I get that address, it was in an email I received this afternoon from Rosemary and David, but sent thru Eventbrite. Maybe I shouldn’t have posted the address here, since a ticket is needed to attend.

The email just listed the address, not the name of the venue, which is why I’m scratching my head a bit. Usually I don’t think of street addresses when referring to a location in big place like Irvine Spectrum. I Google’d the address and came up with “TLT Food”, which apparently is a small counter place in the mall. From the Yelp listing it doesn’t seem like a likely spot for a meetup, but I’m from Huntington Beach so I don’t know Irvine Spectrum all that well. Maybe it’s the Spark’s favorite taco hangout? It does have good reviews.


I hope the Woodbury store was able to resolve your issue :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m so bummed - I won’t be able to get down there to meet everyone. Have a great meetup!!!

Sorry about the confusion! I just copied the address David gave me, he said outside TLT there’s a lot of seating and plenty of places to get food nearby as well as an Apple Store.

Perfect, thanks. I saw on the map that there was an outdoor food court there, so I thought that might be it, but if you map that exact address in Google it actually shows a completely different part of the mall, so I thought I’d make sure so as not to have to wander around lost on Friday night. Really looking forward to this event and then WWDC two days later!!! Have a safe flight!

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Hi All, I really enjoyed meeting folks at the OC Meetup and wondered if someone posted the group photo anywhere? It may have been mentioned at the time, but I failed to make note of it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Would love to see the group photo(s), too!

I was wondering this same thing? Did the picture ever get posted?

Also, I also definitely enjoyed meeting everyone at the meetup. Some people came from amazingly far away!

@RosemaryOrchard Not to be a nag, but I’m still wondering if the group photos from the night ever got posted? If so, could you let me/us know? It was a fun time and I’d like the photo as a memory! Thanks.

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Sorry, @MacSparky is the one with the pictures, not me!

OK. Thanks! I prompt him now…

@macsparky Hello David, Congrats on your Mac App Store feature and photo… Speaking of photos (nice segue, eh?), would you be able to post some of the group photos from the OC Meetup last month?

If I missed where you posted them already, “My bad”, but hopefully you can direct me to the right place. I know a few others expressed interest in getting photos from the night.

Thanks, Dave