Numbers to Omnifocus Project

I am a professional classical musician, and I play several concerts each week. I keep a list of my upcoming concerts in Numbers, and I’d like to have an automation in which I can copy the concert repertoire to the clipboard and then have Workflow create a project for the concert, with each piece in the concert becoming its own task. The image should show the Numbers spreadsheet and what I’d like to appear in Omnifocus.

I’ve been playing around with this for several weeks, and there’s some key step I’m missing. I can get the clipboard, split the text by line, but I don’t understand how to put each line from the clipboard into its own variable so that I can make the appropriate TaskPaper project text. Do I need to use Lists? I guess I’m just not entirely sure what happens to the text when I split it by line. How do I access each line individually?

I’d be grateful for any assistance the group can offer.


How do you like using OmniFocus? Does it work good for your music?

Yes, it’s great for keeping track of my repertoire, what needs to be practiced today, etc. I especially love the ability to defer items or pieces to a specific day—pieces I know well might not need as much work before a performance. It’s super flexible and powerful.

That’s cool. I don’t play music but I’m learning OmniFocus and I like to hear how other people use it. @RosemaryOrchard might be able to help you with your other questions, she is very good. I enjoy playing around with workflows but I’m not too good.