Notion users rejoice, Nautomate is the missing link for Shortcuts

@mralexhay released a new app called Nautomate that gives you 40+ actions for finding, creating, and modifying content in Notion.

It comes with sample Shortcuts you can use to learn how these new actions work, as well as tutorials to help you understand it. I use Notion heavily and I’ve felt very limited in what I could do with the provided Actions from Notion. Nautomate goes way further.

My first Shortcut build for this will be taking a podcast I’m listening to in Overcast and creating a new Media Vault database entry with not only all the database fields about the podcast already filled out, but also pulling in the show notes and applying note-taking formatting to that entry. This will save me quite a few extra taps and typing. I’m just getting started on this one and I might need to get a little creative, but I expect it will be well worth it.

I just learned about the app yesterday and I’m surprised to see nobody has been talking about it in the forums yet, but I hope this is the start of a LOT of talk about it. Thank you @mralexhay for putting all this effort into making my use of Notion automatable!

This is the same developer of Toolbox Pro that extends the usefulness of Shortcuts with tons of actions Apple hasn’t built. People who help users like us deserve not only appreciation but monetary support as well. Go check out all he’s created for us.

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Thanks for the kind words! Give me a shout if you get stuck if need any help.

The Overcast shortcut sounds awesome - please post more about it when you’ve had a chance to build it out a bit!

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This is so cool! Thanks for letting us know. I can’t wait to try it out.

Hi @mralexhay. Thanks for this great app! Toying around with it now. How can I add a date range to a database item? I’ve tried formatting the dictionary item as a dictionary item with a start+end property, but that doesn’t seem to work. Is this supported in some way I’m not seeing? Or maybe I need to just use raw JSON?

EDIT: Ugh… RTM. Sorry, this is in the documentation. I just missed it. If anyone else is looking for this: you set the start/end date property with a comma-separated value “start,end”. :blush:

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Is there a way to assign a Template to a new database entry in Notion through Nautomate? In some cases, like Meeting Notes, I can see that as easier to manage through a named template that I can tweak in Notion and keep the automation working to just create the template using that name. In other cases where some of the content in that template is being filled out from the dictionary of the shortcut, it’s probably easier to recreate the content in shortcuts, unless it’s a long template.

How can I populate Relationship Lookups in my new database entry? I have tried multiple ways of identifying the lookup record ID and putting it in the dictionary, but nothing I’ve done yet has caused the relationship value to be populated.

If I can figure this out, I might use a static database in something like Data Jar to hold all the relationship record IDs to pull back and select from the values.

Thanks in advance.

I believe this isn’t supported just yet, but might come in a future feature release.

Thank you. I dislike being the guy who didn’t RTM, but Alex did mention that…I later found. Hopefully that feature will come though. Once done, I’ll leverage Data Jar to pull the podcast and podcaster or other guests into the shortcut.

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Thanks for posting this. I’m looking forward to exploring this app and figuring out how this can make me better at Shortcuts and Notion