Notification Actions


I have a script that every time its run, it takes information from the clipboard, and sets a notification. Whenever I press the notification I take the information using the “args.notification …”
If I just press the notification, the 2nd script takes the information, and perfoms its actions.

However, in order to delay the notification, and run a third script to notify me again one hour later. So I added one action to the notification using the addAction method. Whenever the notification is shown, if I longpress the notification the button created by the action appears. I tried to get the information of the notification using also “args.notification”, however, the script fails as the input passed to it seems to be emtpy/null.

Does this makes send? I mean if that’s an expected behaviour.

I guess that I would need to look for the notifications that were delivered recently and take the info that way.

I don’t know, if this is intended behaviour, but it would make sense, because you are launching the script with a URL and not from the notification.

As a workaround you could add the needed information in the URL as query parameter.
Searching for recently delivered notifications won’t work, because the notification is removed when you tap the action button.