Notes app that works well with Shortcuts in share sheets

I’ve been playing with Shortcuts trying to duplicate some of the text macros I use in Keyboard Maestro on the Mac. One shortcut is a menu of text strings to insert in a Notes app. I use the share sheet to activate the shortcut which copies text into the clipboard for pasting into Notes. Because Notes doesn’t show the share sheet icon in the toolbar, I have to resort to the cut-copy-paste-share… popup you get when you select text. Five awkward clicks. It’s easier to have Notes and Shortcuts open in split screen.

My question: is there a notes app that gives better access to share sheets? I’ve already tried Byword, 1Writer and Editorial, all are equally awkward. Or is there a better solution?

Trigger on back tapping for an iPhone. It’s an accessibility feature.

Thanks, I would have never thought of that. And it works like a charm.

I can get the same effect on the iPad by turning on Assistive Touch and setting double tap to my shortcut.