New to this forum

I am new to this forum and was wondering if AppleScript is declining in implementation on MacOS and also if there is any good modern resource for learning AppleScript itself?

I have Keyboard Maestro, ScriptDebugger, Alfred, and Hazel. All current versions with full capabilities. Where do you recommend I start learning automation? I also intend to use what I learn personally to help automate any business tasks and save time.

Thanks for the tips you give.

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Firstly, welcome!

Second, I think you jumped in with both feet with that stack of software. :slight_smile:

I would say most people find AppleScript a little difficult, even with a programming background. I’m hoping - when I acquire Script Debugger - to find that helps.

To your “where to get started?” point, I’d find a small problem to solve and try that one out. Perhaps with help here or the Keyboard Maestro forum. Alternatively, hunt for simple samples of AppleScript and see if you can adapt one of them.

AppleScript remains very viable, if somewhat stabilised. The real power/complexity, though, is the support in applications of interest to you. Their implementations vary very widely.


Great, so now I need to decode each application? I would think Apple would have standardized the implementation of including AppleScript in each application.

Actually it’s not quite that bad. The language is standard but the dictionary for each app varies. Some things are supposed to be standard but far from everything. Hence the use of dictionaries in Script Debugger (and even the built in Script Editor).

This also means there’s tons of information on the internet to help get you started

Oh yes: and Welcome to the forum @JonathanTA


I found out about Script Debugger and checked out its interpretation of the AppleScript Dictionaries and wow, it was a night & day change.

@JKoopmans Thanks for welcoming me.

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As a new user of Script Debugger that was one of the things I was looking for. It certainly looks prettier. I wonder - at his early stage for me - whether it is significantly better.

I also tried out stepping through a script yesterday and feel I’ve some way to go understanding what it’s doing. It didn’t help that I’m on the 8.0 beta testing Drafts beta and somehow the make new draft incantation created a new draft but the object returned was erroneous. Both are in beta so I’m not sure which went wrong.

just remembered, this site is very very useful if you want to find examples of applescripts. The code exchange is still very active