New to scriptable, and need to learn JavaScript ASAP. I'm confident I don't need to learn it all though - what do I need? Requirements inside

Hey guys.

I don’t know any JavaScript at all, but I suspect that Scriptable will make my life a thousand times easier. Here’s effectively what I need to know how to do:

Variables, Dictionaries, If/Then stuff, Inputs from the user, and then some UI stuff as well.

I’ve built a system in Siri Shortcuts that is absolutely amazing. It’s an entire Client management system, and I use it to call clients.

After I’ve called them, it asks me a series of questions, and then using that data, the shortcut will build a custom email for the client, fire it off to them, and then update everything it knows about the customer, and saves that data.

I’d like to rebuild this in Scriptable. Would it be best to just learn JS from the ground up or can I just learn the basics and then focus on this stuff?


EDIT: To be clear - I’m asking because when I check on, for example, code academy, there are parts of the course that involve web related stuff, which I have zero need for. That’s my real concern here.

Hello there.

I would check the documentation at MDN:

It’s where I usually point my students when they ask me for a starting point for this language.

@RosemaryOrchard given the frequency this question seems to be posted, what do you think about having a permanently pinned post on the scriptable tag for getting started with JavaScript as a wiki(? Post) and just collecting suggestions for this.