New shortcut triggers in iOS 13; device specific?

I was just wondering after reading the Macstories article:

Are these triggers device specific? or do they sync over?
Would be weird to have both my iPad and iPhone to start a shortcut every time I leave a location or at the same time.

Does anyone know?

I think the NFC-trigger would be device specific. And for the other we will see with the public beta.

Just be mindful. Beta means that features may present in the final version that are not in the main beta testing and features that are in the beta may be dropped for the final release. For example if they were unstable.

The betas can be a very good indicator, but nothing is a given. No one, not even the developers at Apple, can give a definitive answer until much nearer the release date.


I will use my old iPhone 6 for the beta not my current phone. But thanks for the note.

I would not be surprised for the triggers (including NFC) to be account specific, and syncing over.
We’ll find out soon enough, I guess.

There’s a feature that when you say “Hey Siri” your devices communicate and figure out which one you wanted to talk to, I suspect Apple are re-using this and will implement that same technology to check which device you’re most likely to want it to run on - with checks that if it’s got Health in it will run on iPhone, etc…

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Wow. The new additions look fantastic. Can’t wait!

Well, after reading the article, I know where my mind will be wondering off to all summer long! I am excited at the possibilities this brings. :tada::sunglasses:

Unfortunately, iOS 13 can only be installed on 6s and above.