New found love for Alfred

I just installed Alfred for the third time, I thought with Keyboard Maestro , Typinator and Hazel plus Drafts i would be set. But I found myself using spotlight alot and it not doing a good enough job, Alfred to the rescue. Now it will stay on my Mac and I highly recommend everyone to try it.


Alfred is great! I added a few of my own workflows over the years to improve my life and its amazing how much time it saves!


Since you’re using Alfred and Keyboard Maestro, check out Alfred Maestro. You can easily fire your KM macros in Alfred’s window by typing “KM” followed by the macro name - saves you from having to remember the keyboard shortcut (or even assigning one to begin with).


Thats a great tip Evan! and thanks for the input Rosemary. I think the greatest feature of Alfred is that it remembers my selections, that what sold me and what is currently missing in spotlight. For instance if i type ”yo” and i got youtube and yoghurt as options, whatever i select it will remember it the next time, its just awsome.

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