Netatmo API linked to Workflow


Thanks so much both of you Leighton & Rosemary for continuing to work on this. That sounds logical :slight_smile:


The problem is actually Netatmo tells me what to look for for all of the other modules, but not these two. That’s like saying “the cutlery is in the cutlery drawer and here’s a list of different kinds of cutlery” vs “there’s stuff in your house” - the latter is obvious but not helpful when you don’t know what you’re looking for (which the shortcut can’t without being programmed to).


Ok, this is the most complicated shortcut yet (and probably most ugly one). I have used several If statements to check wether modules are present or not to make this shortcut work regardless of what modules you have. It can support: Indoor, Outdoor, Rain, Wind and 3 additional Indoor Ones, however it comes at a price. You must customise what Siri says at the end in the “Show Result” action as I haven’t found a way to change what Siri says based on what sensors are present. This is a pain, but at least you can make it more personal and allows you to duplicate the shortcut to make individual Siri reports for each module or a combination of certain modules. The other downside is you must type in the exact name of each modules so my loop can find each module and extract its data. The one improvement I have done is I have removed the authentication part of the shortcut and placed it in its own one so you’ll have to download this shortcut as well To make it work. The main shortcut can be downloaded Here
Hopefully this works for you @IslandSandMan


Hey buddy! This is awesome! I’m such a novice at this that I am having trouble setting it up with your suggestions. I’m so sorry to be a pain, I was wondering if you could walk me through in lamens terms how to get 1 module running then I can copy it for the rest. I’m struggling to know what to put in for the dictionary value and if it’s a number/text etc…

Appreciate your hard efforts mate!

Thank you!


How did you use it to make the visual above? It’s just giving me a text list sadly.


Sorry, it is a bit basic, maybe this website instead will work better as it provides the data in the new sections. I have made a newer shortcut but I think I can improve on it now having just seen something in the data that I haven’t seen before. Could NAModule be used to identify what module is being found in each loop through the modules? It can be found in body–>devices–>modules–>type. For me, the rain sensor is NAModule3, Wind is NAModule2 and outdoor is NAModule1. I am sorry to keep on bugging you about it but I think this is the way to make it work now. Can you tell me if your NAModules corresponds to the ones I have listed for myself as I think this is how Netatmo encoded their sensor types into the JSON. I would also like to know what NAModule number the extra indoor sensors are so I can incorporate them into the Shortcut. (going by the trend it will either be NAModule4 or NAModule0) It will remove the part of my Shortcut where I need the name of the module. what do you think @RosemaryOrchard?