Need help with renaming files using outlook meeting title


I need to help with the following workflow.

I am in several conference calls/training sessions every day and some of them I record the audio using an app on my iOS devices. Then I save the files to iCloud and then rename it manually with the title of the meeting which is in my Outlook calendar.

I built a shortcut in iOS to copy the title of the last meeting in outlook into global clipboard. So I will run the shortcut on the iOS device then paste it to rename the file. Although it kind of works it is still not the automation I’m looking for.

Is there a way to do this without scripting (since I have very little experience with scripting). Ideally I would like to run the score card or a Macro, that will automatically reads the title of the Outlook calendar events that is at the same time as the recording and rename it with the title of the meeting.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I do use most of the automation tools including keyboard maestro , Hazel, etc…

Thank you

No one? Is it a abd question or no one knows the answer or is it not doable?

If your Outlook (presumably Exchange if you are in a Microsoft environment) calendar is registered in iOS, then you could run a shortcut there to work with the file if it is in the Shortcuts folder structure.

On the Mac OS side you could have Hazel watch for the file and trigger a rename. The trick would be getting the right calendar into a Hazel variable. I don’t use Outlook on the Mac (only on Windows, and only because we are Office 365 on everything), but looking online, it looks like it is still AppleScript-able, so you could presumably write a script to get the calendar event you want based on whatever your selection criteria are to rule out overlaps, meeting titles containing invalid file name characters, etc.

Should you find that was for some reason not possible, then a clever use of Keyboard Maestro could probably net you the text to the clipboard by direct interaction with Outlook and being triggered (e.g. by an AppleScript/osascript call from Hazel). Obviously if you are using the Mac at the time, whatever you are doing is toast as the UI will kick in and interfere with whatever you are doing and you with it. This would truly be the approach of the desperate, but it is technically a workable approach.

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