Need help with appending output to a spreadsheet

I’m doing some research on my portable radio system. I am looking for a Workflow that will allow me to enter an address or street intersection (incident location) and then calculate the distance from that point to 5 other addresses (where the radio repeaters are located).
I want to take the output (the 5 distances) and plug them into the Corresponding column spreadsheet I have created.
I muscled through the first part, but I hit a brick wall when trying to plug the distances into the spreadsheet.

Distance to repeater Shortcut

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Where is the spreadsheet? You look to be using Shortcuts to copy some details to the clipboard but then nothing thereafter.

As all the smarts seem to have been done BEFORE adding to the spreadsheet it seems to me the easiest thing to do is to confect CSV and import it - but that depends on the capabilities of the spreadsheet software.

To echo, what is the spreadsheet software?

I have the spreadsheet saved as a numbers and saved on iCloud Drive. I like Numbers cause I think the iWork apps are so much nice to look at.
However, since I work for a government agency, I converted the numbers file into Excel and have copies saved in shared files in DropBox and Google.
I’m a huge nerd who loves apps. So I’m flexible.

I just started watching the 2017 CMD-D videos and after watching what Sal did with apple script made me want to drive in tho. Automation is so addicting.

Thanks for the help

Radio repeaters? Are you an amateur radio operator by any chance?

Well kind of, I’m a police officer and have been working with radio systems since 2002.

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Ahhh, that explains the familiarity. I don’t often encounter people who know what a repeater is. :slight_smile:

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I should know more about repeaters tho…my life might depend on them one day, hence the workflow I am trying to create =)

Numbers isn’t accessible to write to by Shortcuts at the moment. As @Martin_Packer noted earlier, CSV is probably your best bet at the moment, but it would need to live in your Shortcuts iCloud folder and the you could potentially import that into Numbers.

Another alternative would be to switch to something like AirTable or a combination of sending data to IFTTT (e.g. via e-mail) and having that populate a Google spreadsheet.